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Meet Charles

Charles Coleman

In the realm of achievement, the relentless pursuit of taking massive action becomes the spark that ignites the flames of success.

Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Investor, Team Leader @ Keller Williams Avenues Realty, Real Estate School Instructor 

Charles Coleman is a seasoned real estate professional with a passion for transforming properties and helping others succeed in their real estate careers. His journey in the industry began in 2013 when he made a bold decision to leave a prominent big box retailer, recognizable by its distinctive orange box, to pursue his passion for fix and flips.

Motivated by a desire to gain expertise and expand his horizons, Charles and his wife, Eryn, attended a life-changing Rich Dad seminar that ignited their entrepreneurial spirit. Since that pivotal moment, Charles has never looked back, dedicating himself to the world of real estate.

In 2017, Charles obtained his real estate license and joined Keller Williams, a renowned real estate company known for its culture of collaboration and success. Within Keller Williams, Charles serves as the Team Leader for the Keller Williams Avenues Market Center located in Arvada, Colorado. In this leadership role, he provides guidance, mentorship, and strategic direction to a team of dedicated real estate professionals.

While excelling in his leadership role, Charles continues to actively invest in real estate across the United States. His investment portfolio encompasses a diverse range of properties, including long-term rentals and short-term rentals. Through these investments, he not only generates wealth but also gains valuable insights into different real estate markets and investment strategies.

Recognizing the importance of sharing his knowledge and expertise with aspiring real estate professionals, Charles is a licensed real estate school instructor in the state of Colorado. He imparts his wisdom to students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge required to pass their real estate exams and embark on successful careers in the industry.

Moreover, Charles is the founder of Best Real Estate Career, a platform dedicated to assisting students nationwide in passing their real estate exams and finding the ideal brokerage to kickstart their careers. By leveraging his extensive industry experience and network, Charles helps individuals achieve their goals and live fulfilling lives in the realm of real estate.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Charles Coleman is a respected figure in the real estate industry, known for his expertise, integrity, and unwavering dedication to helping others succeed. With his diverse background and multifaceted roles, he continues to make a significant impact both as an investor and as a mentor to aspiring real estate professionals.

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