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What's your Top 4 Lead Generation Efforts?

When it comes to lead generation in real estate it is real easy to get distracted. There are constantly new things popping up in classes, off internet searches, & social media. When it comes down to building a BIG real estate business it comes down to FOCUS!

Every year we need to look back on what has worked for us & ask ourselves were we purposeful & if not what would our worlds look like if we were! If you are new to Real Estate that is ok too. We just need to put everything down on paper & get organized so that we can live a BIG LIFE by DESIGN not by DEFAULT.


To start lets put down every lead generation source we used over the last 12 months. If you are new to real estate start writing down the sources that you have heard that you have thought about implementing as you start your career! Now beside this list write down how many pieces of business you have down by each bullet point.


Now that you have your list did any of them stick out as "WOW I had this one down the list & it was one of my TOP lead gen levers"? That's ok, the point of this exercise is to see where we need to place more effort in our business! If you are a new agent you will skip this step & we will not move on to the 3rd step which is FOCUS.


Now what we need to do is record the 4 main areas of our lead generation efforts going forward. These are the 4 sources that generated the most leads. If you are a newer agent write down the 4 that you will want to spend 80% of you time doing!

We should be assessing our top 4 lead generation sources on at least an annual basis. What would your business look like if you focused on only 4 areas that you knew were winning strategies?

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