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Facebook Ads & Referral Patterns for Real Estate Agents

  1. Set goals to provide direction for your online advertisements and better evaluate your ROI

  2. Use targeted marketing to match the market where your message matters and to be more visible in the groups where your message is impactful

There are two ways to bring people in to your ecosystem as a Real Estate Agent. You can use prospecting or marketing to bring a lead into your database. With prospecting you will be spending more time & marketing you will be spending more money. Today we are going to be mostly talking about marketing & we will sprinkle on some prospecting at the end!

When it comes to social media & real estate we need to be purposeful about who we are putting our message in front of. Agents often think that the more people I can put my Open House invite or First Time Home Buyers Credit ad in front of the better. Well, that isn't always the case, I'm not saying that it won't work & the more specific you are, the better.

Inside the world of social media marketing we can target our audience based off of their search history. This is important because when I am spending money on advertising I want it to get in front of the people who are most likely going to benefit from my ad & most likely want to use what I put in front of them. For example, let's say that I am putting an ad out for 123 main street. This is a 3bed 2bath 2,000 sqft home. Wouldn't it make sense to put this home ad in front of someone who is showing signs of potentially purchasing a home? Yes, the answer is yes!

There are many different ways that I could drill down on very specific key categories so my message is seen by the right people & below I will put a list of some of my favorites. For example where do 90% of the population start their search for homes well either Zillow or RealtorDotCom so if I could put 123 main street right on their FB as they are scrolling through their family & friends feed they might just raise their hand!

What about Agent to Agent Referrals?

Now think about this. Most of the world is very digitally based these days, & that includes their work! With the power of zoom & other providers meetings can take place anywhere in the world & with that people are moving out of the state that their job is located. What are you doing to get in front of their favorite Real Estate Agent?

There are trends out there that show you where people from your state are moving to, & even better what states are moving to yours! What are some ways that you can put your name out there so that when they ask their favorite Real Estate agent who they should know in your state, they say your Name!!!

One of the biggest ways would be a news letter. Putting a newsletter in the inbox of agents all across the US would certainly take mindshare. But wait, before we jump on this tactic let's step back & ask ourselves what we would actually stop & read ourselves! Make sure the content that you are providing is useful. Include info like avg. sales price, days on market, best places to eat, top neighborhoods & obviously why they should work with you ( including the referral fee)!

Check out this link to the Referral Network included in the Command CRM exclusively through Keller Williams.

So in conclusion we need to be getting in front of people that need our services. So being purposeful about our message & to who we put our message in front of is important. If you want to sit down digitally & do a technology audit & go through FB lead generation Jump on My Calendar.

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