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Build a Bulletproof Business with Your Sphere!

Let's talk about how to capitalize on your sphere to grow your real estate business! When it comes to building your business you have two main buckets, your leads & your contacts. Today let's talk about your contacts. Your contacts are the people in your eco-system who you have a relationship with that a two-way conversation exists between.

What the data shows us is that it take at least 36 touches per year to take mindshare & become the Real Estate Economist of choice for our Contacts. The very first thing we need to do though is identify who these people are! We have our Sphere of Influence sourced in a few places, your cell phone, your social media accounts, & your CRM. These are the people whom for the most part we are in a relationship with that already know us, like us & trust us. While we know you can build a big business from cold calling, door knocking, online lead generation, we should put a big emphasis on our SOI they are warm leads!

What we also know is that there are a few datapoints that we should have to make a huge impact on these relationships. We should have their First/ Last name, Phone Number, Email Address, Birthday, Home Address & bonus points if you know their Home Anniversary ( the date that they bought the home). With these data points we can provide big value & communicate though multiple different streams.

Harness the Power of Your Sphere

Now that we have identified our SOI who we will pour into we need to create a systematic & strategic way to communicate over the year! The case study below is from Martha Newport in Chapel Hill who does $20M in volume mostly from working with her Sphere of Influence and getting referrals. She follows the 36 to Convert Touch Program with the contacts in her database.

Here is how she does it:

1. 2 touches for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day cards

2. 2 touches are a card and a phone call for their birthday

3. 3 telephone calls with thank you cards after

4. 8 cards to say thank you or that she’s thinking of them

5. 18 touches split between emails, mailers, letters, cards, personal brochures, market reports, Just Sold and Just Listed cards, holiday cards, recipe cards, real estate or general news articles, service directories, promotional items, property alerts, and dropping off letters of introduction or her card.

For her sphere, she not only pops by for lunch, she has special events where she puts together fun activity projects for her contacts to make. She invites them to pick up the kit with all the supplies including a tutorial. To connect with her database and promote her events, she has multiple email, phone, and social media touches. After the events, she asks for and then uses photos of participants with their completed projects to further promote her business.

This might look like a lot to implement into your business if you are starting fresh with this. This would be my tip for you, START SMALL.

Start with getting your database into one location like a CRM. From there go though & start collecting their information with a CARE CALL & follow the FORD technique. From here pick one of these action items to start implementing, maybe its finding out which one of your SOI is a Mother or Father, tagging them in your CRM & setting a task reminder 15 days prior to the 2nd Sunday in May ( Mothers Day) or the 3rd Sunday in June (Fathers Day). To go BIG we must start SMALL. Do not try to tackle this all in one weekend, this is a marathon not a sprint.

If you are looking for help implementing this model into your business jump on my calendar.

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